Snow Fox

Organic Cotton Muslin Facial Cloth


A 100% organic cotton muslin facial cloth that is gentle enough for babies and sensitive skin. Use it to wipe off cream or clay masks without pulling or tugging, for drying or even for washing off stubborn makeup residue without being too rough on the eyelids.  

  • Double layered for extra durability
  • Reusable up to hundreds of washes
  • Silky hand feel 
  • Extra stitched border for added protection from fraying  


How it Works

  • 100% Organic Cotton - Suitable for Babies and Sensitive Skin
  • Double layered with stitched border - For extra resilience and luxurious hand feel that lasts for ages! Replaces disposable tissues and reduces waste
  • Perfectly durable for professional use - Used in Facials to wipe away excess cream or clay mask residue or to prep skin after cleansing


How to Use

This easy-to-use facial cloth can be used to:

  • To dry face after cleansing
  • To wipe away excess masking residue
  • To cleanse face with the Cooling Foam Cleanser
  • To gently wipe hard-to-reach eye areas without irritation

*Machine washable and reusable after hundreds of washes

Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm (8.2 x 8.2 in)



Is it machine washable?

Yes. Please hang dry to retain its shape. Please place in the laundry after each use for best hygiene practice. Do not seal in a wet or humid plastic bag, as this will create mould. 

Can I use it as a handkerchief? 

Yes! In fact, some of our customers keep it by their babies and toddlers during mealtime.

Any extra Tips?

Dampen the facial cloth under running, warm water to use as a facial cleansing cloth. Place an edge over your finger to pinpoint difficult to reach eye areas such as in between the lashes to wipe away any stubborn make up residue.