Snow Fox

Sheet Mask Discovery Set


This is the ultimate introduction pack to Sheet Masking with Snow Fox.

Designed as a homage to the cultural origin of Sheet Masks, this beautifully curated set opens up like a book with a little bit of history and a lot of useful information about each  mask in our range for a full sheet mask discovery journey. 

Not sure which sheet mask to start off with? Want to introduce a friend to the skincare perks of functional sheet masking? Then this is a fun and informative way to get started!


This set includes:

1 x Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask (Single Sheet)

1 x Japanese Cherry Blossom & White Tea Smoothing Mask (Single Sheet)

1 x Herbal Youth Mask (Single Sheet)

1 x Hot Stone Facial Mask (Single Sheet)


Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask

Our signature Arctic Breeze Mask is an all-in-one-rescue that hydrates, brightens and calms skin irritations such as redness, enlarged pores, inflammation, break outs and after-sun fatigue.  

Addresses: After-Sun Fatigue | Redness | Irritations

Suitable for All Skin Types

Japanese Cherry Blossom & White Tea Smoothing Mask

This oil-free mask focuses on promoting perfectly plump, glossy & smooth skin, otherwise known as "Glass Skin" in Asia. It corrects dull skin tone while improving skin texture over time. Perfect before any big events or photoshoots.

Addresses: Irregular Skin Texture | Dull Skin Tone | Sensitive Skin

Suitable for All Skin Types

Herbal Youth Mask


This potent botanical formula uses herbs such as ginseng, olive leaf, centella and chlorella to help firm and plump the look of your skin for an ageless appearance. It is fortified with Glycolipids to recover the skin's natural moisture levels. 

Addresses: Chronic Dryness | Loss of Elasticity | Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Suitable for All Skin Types 

Hot Stone Facial Mask

Inspired by Ayurvedic origins, this self-warming, intensive brightening mask minimises the appearance of large pores and addresses discolouration such as redness and hyperpigmentation. It calms active breakouts and warms up to stimulate the pores for maximum serum absorption to achieve a smooth, bright and bouncy glow.

Addresses: Dull Skin Tone | Breakouts | Enlarged Pores

Suitable for All Skin Types