ClearSilk Triangle Shapes


ClearSilk Smoothing Strips (Triangle 162 Ct) Facial Wrinkle Repair and Prevention Anti-Wrinkle Patches

  • Designed to rapidly smooth and reduce current wrinkles while protecting against future development
  • Trains underlying facial muscles to relax, flattening deep set wrinkles and smoothing out fine lines
  • Hypo-allergenic, medical grade, soft and comfortable, non-invasive, clear and reusable
  • Strong adhesive that stays put, easy to use and remove with clear peel off lining for convenient storage and reuse
  • Each pack contains 162 smoothing strips in triangle shapes, works with all skin types, made in U.S.A.


 “Second time purchasing! I use every other night. Keeps wrinkles from forming while you sleep. I put on top of moisturiser & it sticks no issues!”

Product description

“ClearSilk Smoothing Strips are the most cost effective, safe and highest quality of all adhesive-based wrinkle treatments on the market. They are a simple, affordable and effective treatment method to reverse deep and fine line wrinkles caused by sun damage, ageing and everyday facial expressions by training the underlying facial muscles to relax and thereby flattening out and reducing their appearance. ClearSilk Smoothing Strips are transparent and have a silky smooth texture with medical grade adhesive that keep facial muscles in check, providing a safe and natural alternative to Botox, fillers and other invasive treatments. These specially shaped strips are reusable two to three times each and can dramatically change the inevitable wrinkle landscape that appears over the years. Yes, squinting in the sun, at computers and mobile devices, and facial expressions caused by muscle movements during sleep contribute to the wrinkle landscape. Adding ClearSilk Smoothing Strips to your daily routine will keep those muscles relaxed and retrain them with consistent use. Forget the injections, serums and laser treatments available and give ClearSilk Smoothing Strips a try. You will not be disappointed with our fast acting and high quality adhesive patches that can be used during the day or overnight. You've tried the rest, now try the best!” ClearSilk


“These are great! No irritation on sensitive skin. Stick after moisturiser has set in at night. Line-less in the morning (tragically they come back quickly). Stay on all night. Not totally hideous like some others. Don’t clog pores!”

Tips and Tricks for Use

For best results, use at night following the application of your night time skincare. Allow your products to sufficiently absorb and dry before applying the strips to the skin. Once in place wear throughout the night when asleep and remove gently (taking care not to over stretch the skin) in the morning. Stick strips back on to the packing should you wish to re-use them 1-2 more times. Use continuously to prevent the formation of permanent sleep lines and wrinkles.